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Max Ernst

Brühl 1891 - 1976 Paris

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Max Ernst at Galerie Thomas

The works of Max Ernst have always played an important role at Galerie Thomas. As early as 1979, the gallery presented a solo exhibition of his works. Over the years the gallery was able to sell numerous small bronzes, such as the impish „Cheri Bibi“ or the two-faced „Janus“, as well as place large bronzes into important collections, such as the “Grand Génie”, the central figure of the fountain in Amboise, a cast of which, like most of the monumental works, is in a museum: the collection of the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich. A work from the rare group “Lehrkörper für eine Schule der Totschläger” (Teaching Staff for a School of Killers) consisting of „Big Brother“, "Séraphin le néophyte" and "Séraphine-Chérubin”, was also sold into a collection.


Max Ernst - Femmes traversant une rivière en criant

Max Ernst • Femmes traversant une rivière en criant




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