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Current Search Requests

In addition to specific requests from our clients we are generally interested in works by all artists from our programme of Classic Modernism and German Expressionism, Post-War & Contemporary Art.

Contact information for consignment submissions

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Galerie Thomas has been an active player in the secondary market for close to 60 years and maintains close relationships to collectors, institutions and art market professionals all over the world. Take advantage of our expert guidance when it comes to buying and selling works of art.

Notable Sales

Longstanding experience, extensive research, discretion, a good eye for true quality and a continuing passion for the artist and his/her oeuvre are essential to finding the right place for a work of art. Galerie Thomas is pleased to share museum acquisitions and sales into important private collections.

  • Marc Maria Weihnachtsengel mit Bethlehemszene 1911 01 Hauptabb 372571 web

    Maria Marc

    "Weihnachtsengel mit Bethlehemszene" (2. Fassung), 1911/12
    Sold to the Centre national d'art et de la Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris

  • Gabriele Muenter - Allee vor Berg

    Gabriele Münter

    Allee vor Berg, 1909
    Sold to a private collection, Germany

  • Emil Nolde - In Demut

    Emil Nolde

    In Demut, 1946
    Sold to a private collection, Germany

  • Karl Schmidt-Rottluff - Fabrik am Meer

    Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

    Fabrik am Meer, 1920
    Sold to a private collection, USA

  • Max Beckmann - Anni Maedchen mit Faecher

    Max Beckmann

    Anni (Mädchen mit Fächer), 1942
    Sold to a major European private collection

  • Max Ernst - Le Grand Genie

    Max Ernst

    Le Grand Génie, 1967
    Sold to a private collection, Germany

  • Joan Mitchell - Plaques

    Joan Mitchell

    Plaques, 1990-1991
    Sold to a private collection, Hong Kong

  • Beuys Kunst Kapital 01 Hauptabb 329053 web

    Joesph Beuys

    Kunst=KAPITAL, 1984
    Sold to the Broad Art Foundation,
    Los Angeles

  • Guenther Uecker - Weisser Schrei

    Günther Uecker

    Weisser Schrei, 1987
    Sold to a private collection, Germany

  • Tom Wesselmann - Kiki

    Tom Wesselmann

    Kiki, 2003
    Sold to a private collection

  • Elisabeth Epstein - Untitled

    Elisabeth I. Epstein

    "Red Chair at the Table", 1928
    Sold to the Lenbachhaus, Munich

  • Gabriele Muenter - Church Yard in Murnau

    Gabriele Münter

    "Church Yard in Murnau", 1908
    Sold to the Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis


If you are interested in selling a work of art and would like to get a valuation or price quote, send us an image and relevant details (e.g. title, date, dimensions). We will be in touch with our ideas.

We offer individual, discrete and flexible terms for all consignments and will work together to develop the best possible marketing approach for each work through our exhibitions, fair presentations, catalogues and digital channels.

Convincing Presentation

All consigned works receive art-historical treatment and are prepped by our photography-, video- and digital team so that they can best be featured in our exhibitions and fair presentations as well as in individual offers and in our online projects.

Our research team produces extensive portfolios for museum quality works, which include in-depth art-historical treatment providing a better understanding of the rich context of the work as well as documentation on provenance, exhibition history and literature. The gallery has also developed a catalogue format titled “Masterpieces”, in which exceptional works from all areas of the gallery programme have been regularly featured over the past years.

Questions regarding consignments? Get in touch and talk to us.
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Silke Thomas, Raimund Thomas behind two portraits by Alexej von Jawlensky

On-Demand Search and Services

Make use of our insights into the international art market as well as our widespread worldwide network and long-term experience. We often have access to works which are not always publicly visible and are happy to look out for specific works for you.

We can also offer to act on your behalf at auctions if you would like to remain in the background. And we can scout for art works at fairs, if you can’t come to the fair in person.

Looking for something specific? Perhaps we can help.
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