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Emil Nolde

Nolde, Schleswig 1867 - 1956 Seebüll

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'I like it when a painting looks like it has painted itself'
- Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde at Galerie Thomas

Since the early 1980s - when Raimund Thomas was able to acquire the legendary 'Rheingarten Collection' - Emil Nolde has had a fixed place in the gallery program. His brilliant paintings and watercolours were shown in an exhibition in 2012, accompanied by a catalogue. Galerie Thomas in 2017 issued the catalogue '9 x Nolde' with watercolours and presented Nolde’s outstanding prints in the catalogue 'Emil Nolde 12 x Prints' from 2019. In the catalogue series 'Masterpieces' the gallery was able to present exceptional oil paintings by the versatile artist with comprehensive texts and photographs, such as 'Autumn Sea' from 1910, 'Palmtrees on the Beach' from 1915 and 'Children’s Summer Joy' from 1924.


Emil Nolde - Landschaft Petersen II

Emil Nolde • Landscape Petersen II



  • Emil Nolde

    Emil Nolde • 12 Original Prints


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  • 9x Emil Nolde

    9x Emil Nolde


  • Masterpieces V

    Masterpieces V


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  • Emil Nolde

    Emil Nolde


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  • Masterpieces III

    Masterpieces III

    German Edition

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