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Emil Nolde

25 Sep – 27 Nov 2021

Emil Nolde - Fisherman and Young Daughter

About the exhibition

Emil Nolde •Figure

"The people are my paintings"

- Emil Nolde

The work of this important Expressionist is often primarily associated with landscapes and flower still lives. But throughout his oeuvre, Emil Nolde was also intensively occupied with depicting the human figure, and in the process developed a highly personal visual language. The people in his paintings, be they portraits, genre pictures and couples, or allegorical, often Biblical scenes, possess a special physiognomy, a strong presence and an inner glow. Galerie Thomas’ exhibition will focus on these representations of the figure throughout Nolde’s oeuvre.

We would like to thank the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll and its director Dr. Christian Ring for the good and close cooperation and for supporting the exhibition with loans. A catalogue with an essay by Dr. Christian Ring will accompany the exhibition.




Emil Nolde - Figure

24 Sep 2021, 19:00 – 21:00


Emil Nolde - Junge Familie

Emil Nolde • Junge Familie (Young Family)

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