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Neo Rauch

Neo Rauch - Lamm

Hardly any work appears as enigmatic and at the same time as complex as that of Neo Rauch, who as the main representative of the New Leipzig School is one of the most significant German artists internationally. All the more reason for us to draw your attention to three impressive paintings by Rauch.

The narrative scenes invite you to decipher their content: What is the occasion for the seemingly important meeting in "Lamm (Lamb)" (2006), and what trail are the two protagonists following in “Fährte (track)”? "LAUT (LOUD)" (1993), which was created as one of nine large-format circular paintings, four of which are now in museum collections, also arouses curiosity to trace the inscrutable goings-on of the figures. Oscillating between the familiar, the unexpected, the surprising, and the strange, Rauch's multi-layered visual worlds refuse to provide unambiguous answers. Just as the artist plays with different levels of time, space, and meaning, he often refers to art history: from history painting to surrealism, in which the subconscious and dream images - as in Rauch's work - are of great importance.

Explore the works and make your very own discoveries!


„I am obviously a storyteller, I need representational things to get closer to the poetry of my dreams" - Neo Rauch