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Max Beckmann • New Oeuvre Catalogue of the Paintings

Max Beckmann - Werkverzeichnis

In February 2021, the oeuvre catalogue Max Beckmann. The Paintings will be published in print. It is a limited and numbered, high-quality, leather-bound publication in two volumes (30 x 37 cm) in German language with an English supplement.

The paintings will be presented in more than 700 colour illustrations and are juxtaposed with excerpts from the diaries of the artist and his wife Mathilde Q. Beckmanncommenting on the individual works. The selection from Max Beckmann's diaries was cjosen by Mayen Beckmann, Nina Peter provided the entries from Mathilde Q. Beckmann's previously unpublished diaries. All diary extracts are translated into English and published in the supplement.

Since April 2016, the new catalogue of Max Beckmann's paintings has been in preparation on behalf of the Kaldewei Cultural Foundation, Ahlen. The basis is of course the standard work by Barbara and Erhard Göpel, which is updated and revised by Anja Tiedemann.

The printed illustrated book completes the comprehensive digital oeuvre catalogue with the latest scientific information, which will be online from February 2021 on.

The retail price of the new ouevre catalogue will be € 1,290, until February 14, 2021 a subscription price of € 990 will apply.

The limited edition of the printed oeuvre catalogue is available exclusively from Galerie Thomas.


The limited edition of the printed oeuvre catalogue is available exclusively from Galerie Thomas

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