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Happy Birthday Peter Halley!

Peter Halley - 2009

It’s an honor and a great pleasure for Galerie Thomas to congratulate Peter Halley on occasion of his 70th birthday!

Peter Halley’s work counts among the most interesting, intelligent and original positions in contemporary painting. His paintings are characterized by geometry, strong colors and rigorous composition. They can be read as a critique of a society increasingly controlled by systems of communication, provision and traffic – structures, that don’t even allow the individual to escape from. At the same time, Halley is investigating the essence of painting beyond image and representation.

We have worked together with Peter since 2007, exclusively representing him in Germany since 2011. Following the success of his first solo-show at the gallery in 2011, we collaborated on a number of exciting projects, including solo- and group exhibitions, publications, the edition “Explosion”, site-specific commissions, and museum co-operations. One of the highlights was the large wall installation developed by Peter for Art Basel Unlimited in 2016. Over the past 12 years Galerie Thomas has placed a number of his works into important private and public collections.

Halley’s works have been presented in numerous exhibitions all around the world. Most recent larger exhibitions were the exhibition “America is Hard to See” at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, a one-person exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, his large installations in the rotunda of the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt am Main or at the Venice Biennale, and a retrospective of his paintings of the 1980s at MUDAM Luxembourg.

It was and is a pleasure working together and we look forward to many more projects!

Happy Birthday from Silke Thomas, Raimund Thomas and the team at Galerie Thomas


“Event thought my work is geometric in appearance, its meaning is intended as antithetical to that of previous geometric art. Geometric art is usually allied with the various idealisms of Plato, Descartes, and Mies. My work, in fact, is a critique of such idealisms.”

  • Peter Halley, 1980s
  • Peter Halley - The Division
  • Peter Halley - Galerie Thomas Modern, 2011
  • Peter Halley with Silke Thomas, 2014
  • Peter Halley - Weak Force, Art Basel Unlimited 2016