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Günter Haese at the Ernst Barlach Haus

Günter Haese - Limes

Galerie Thomas is proud to support Weightless: Spatial sculptures in wire in which the Ernst Barlach Haus presents the oeuvre of Günter Haese, who has been an integral part of the gallery's programme for many years. After the exhibition was on display at the Lothar Fischer Museum from March 27th through June 12th 2022, the presentation will now continue at the Ernst Barlach Haus from June 26th 2022. The exhibition showcases 25 works from the artist's estate – courtesy of Galerie Thomas - supplemented by works from private collections. In addition to sculptural works, early monotypes are also on display, in which Haese prepared his "spatial drawings". The exhibition is on view through October 16th.

Galerie Thomas has represented the estate of Günter Haese since 2019; this relationship saw its beginning in 1964, when Raimund Thomas visited documenta in Kasseland saw works by Günter Haese there for the first time. A visit to the artist's studio followed, marking the beginning of a friendship that developed between the two over the years. Individual works by Haese, who was at the time represented by the renowned Galerie Stangl at the time, were shown in exhibitions at the gallery. The first solo exhibition of Günter Haese's works at Galerie Thomas took place in 1989, followed by others in 1993 and 2006. In 2019 the gallery presented a comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre. Since the 1980s, the gallery has been able to place many of Haese's sought-after works in collections around the world.