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Gabriele Münter

10 Nov 2017 – 10 Feb 2018

Gabriele Münter - 2017

About the exhibition

As a member of the artist group 'Der Blaue Reiter', Gabriele Münter was not only an outstanding painter of Expressionism, but she also belonged to the most important female artistic personalities of Modernism in Germany. In the year of Gabriele Münter's 140th birthday, Galerie Thomas is dedicating a comprehensive exhibition to her.

On view are examples of her work from all periods of her career, beginning with the small-format landscapes that she painted between 1903 and 1906/07 in Upper Bavaria, in France and on Münter's trip to Tunisia, always accompanied by Wassily Kandinsky, still in a very Impressionist style.

Above all, however, we are showing paintings from the high period of Expressionism and the 'Blauer Reiter', when Münter often worked with the other representatives of the 'Blauer Reiter' in Munich and in the 'Russenhaus' in Murnau, up to an example of her experiments in abstract painting, which was created under the influence of Kandinsky in Zurich in 1915, the year of the war. Gabriele Münter, who returned to Murnau in the 1920s - with interruptions in Berlin and Paris - created an extensive body of work until her death in 1962, which continued to develop stylistically without losing her strong ties to Expressionism.



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