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Flower Power

02 Feb – 01 Apr 2023

Marc Quinn - Hudson Bay Wolf Pack

About the exhibition

Bright flower power in the middle of winter? We are adding a bit of colour to the gray season and thus join "Flower Power Festival" in Munich. A series of nearly 500 events are planned in Munich until October 7, 2023 celebrating nature in the city. In our online exhibition, flowery motifs from Expressionism, represented by Emil Nolde and Philipp Bauknecht, shine alongside gaudy positions from Pop Art, represented by Andy Warhol and Japanese superstar Takashi Murakami. The erotically charged memento mori of the British enfant terrible Marc Quinn are also not to be missed. The colorful selection is rounded off by the tranquil, filigree wire sculpture by Korean artist Cheong Kwang-Ho and by a large-format light box by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Masuyama, which makes a flower meadow of around 400 individual composite photos bloom.


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