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Wassily Kandinsky

Moscow 1866 - 1944 Neuilly

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Wassily Kandinsky at Galerie Thomas

Wassily Kandinsky and his work is strongly connected with Munich and Upper Bavaria and the artist has long been at the centre of Galerie Thomas’ activities. In 1991, Galerie Thomas showed a major solo exhibition covering all aspects of his oeuvre from the Expressionist period through the Bauhaus and ending with the Parisian period; in 2008, the exhibition of Kandinsky‘s watercolours was accompanied by a well received catalogue; in 2014, the gallery presented an exhibition about the „Blue Four“, with works by Alexej von Jawlensky, Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger and Wassily Kandinsky.

His works have been continually present in the gallery’s inventory and over the years Galerie Thomas has placed important pieces into private and public collections.

Kandinsky Kuenstlerportrait 5 zu 4
  • Kandinsky Portrait eines Bildes
  • Kandinsky A Relationship Revealed Minneapolis 5zu4 72dpi
  • Katalog Kandinsky Die Aquarelle 2008 Cover
  • Kandinsky Brauner Strahl 1924 314449 in situ 5zu4

Exhibition Highlight

With a key loan, Galerie Thomas initiated the exhibition “Kandinsky – A Relationship Revealed” at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2004/2005, which reunited the two paintings “Two Riders and Reclining Figure” and “Study for Improvisation V”.

Galerie Thomas published the comprehensive book “Portrait of a Painting – Two Riders and Reclining Figure” in conjunction with the project and to celebrate the gallery’s 40th anniversary.

Quote from the foreword:

‘My soul equated the disintegration of the atom with the dissolution of the entire world. Suddenly the thickest walls fell: everything became uncertain, wavering and soft. I should not have been surprised if a stone had melted away and vanished into thin air before my very eyes.’ 1

This statement made by Wassily Kandinsky is a vivid description of the revolutionary forces driving the artist and his colleagues in the first decade of the young 20th century. That was indeed a period of intellectual and spiritual renewal, ground-breaking scientific discoveries and social upheavals. Everything seemed to be under the sign of change, all assumptions were questioned and the search was on for new ways and forms. It was in this prevailing climate of radical new departures and profound change and on the threshold to abstraction that Wassily Kandinsky painted ‘Two Riders and Reclining Figure’ in 1909/1910.

Silke Thomas

1 Wassily Kandinsky. Rückblicke. 1913; quoted in: Max Bill. Einführung in: Wassily Kandinsky. Über das Geistige in der Kunst. Bern 1952. p. 12

Ill.: Abbe, Mary: "Both Sides Now" in: Star Tribune, Minneapolis, 10.12.2004
Kandinsaky a Relationship Revealed Pressebericht Seite 1 72dpi