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Security information: Notes on phishing e-mails

Attention: Notice of cyber-crime

To whom it may concern,

In the last few days, fake offers have been circulating from the e-mail address j.hoepfl[at], which visually differ slightly from the data of Galerie Thomas (galeriA instead of galerie). We would like to point out, that Galerie Thomas does not use this domain and has nothing to do with such requests.

It is particularly noticeable, that the contact is not initiated by the interested party, but supposedly by our gallery staff, and the prices differ greatly from the actual sales prices. In doing so, reference is made to a work previously requested by the interested party and fake invoices are sent. Please do not open any dubious links or attachments. If you are interested in buying one of our artworks and receive an invoice from us, please call us to clarify the matter.

We will take all possible measures to block the email address of attackers and inform you about the situation, so that you can exercise caution when communicating with the senders of such emails and get in touch with us, preferably by phone.


+49 89 29 000 80