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Sculptures by Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz at Serpentine Gallery 2023

In the exhibition "Georg Baselitz. Sculptures 2011-2015", the Serpentine Gallery, London, presents never-before-seen timber sculptures by the artist, drawn directly from his studio. Initially not intended for the public, these works were conceived as maquettes or models for his bronzes. Each sculpture consists of a singletree trunk that Baselitz modelled with the help of axes, power saws and chisels. Surrounded by the trees of Kensington Gardens, the exhibition site is reminiscent of the original forest setting in Saxony. The impressive rough works are complemented by ink drawings, which accompanied Baselitz's sculptures. Far from functioning as preparatory sketches for the maquettes, the works on paper illustrate the artist's interdisciplinary approach and the interplay between sculpture, drawing and painting that characterises Baselitz's work. The exhibition is on view through January 7, 2024.