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Simon Schubert and Martin Spengler in Bitburg - 2019

In an anniversary exhibition of the Neue Galerie in Haus Beda in Bitburg, works made of paper and cardboard by Simon Schubert and Martin Spengler, among others, will be on view from 22 September 2019 to 5 January 2020.

The work of Simon Schubert (*1976) captivates with precisely worked paper folds, which stand out through light and shadow to form fine reliefs and give the works a three-dimensional character. Absence, disappearance or the inner perception of memory are recurring themes in these works on paper.

The elaborate reliefs by Martin Spengler (*1974), carved in corrugated cardboard, are the result of detailed preliminary drawings that took months of work. The architectural structures he has worked out impress with their high-contrast clarity. Graphite drawings on the cut edges of the object surface painted with lime give Spengler's works their characteristic, slightly shimmering expression.


Simon Schubert: "Untitled (Stairs)" 2019 paper, folded 50 x 35 cm

Martin Spengler: "AXA-Cologne" (Crash R)" 2019, mixed media on corrugated board relief 150 x 100 x 35 cm

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