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Günter Haese: Weightless - Sculptures From Wire

Ausstellung Guenter Haese Foto Andreas Pauly

Galerie Thomas is proud to announce WEIGHTLESS at the Museum Lothar Fischer, opening March 27, 2022, showcasing the work of Günter Haese, who for many decades has been a part of our programme. Around 25 works from the artist’s estate (Courtesy Galerie Thomas, Munich) are shown, supplemented by works from private collections.

Haese’s sculptures obey a system of rules grounded in establishing a perfect balance between a parallel and antagonistic sequence of movements of individual parts. They are not machines but more of an organism whose highest maxim is self-preservation in a cycle of forces and forms, in which the external forms take on an almost organic appearance, reminiscent of plant cell structures. Haese makes use of the seriality of the elements, resulting in objects with an aesthetic of purposelessness. The perfect balance of the resulting delicate structure allows for a stability that is at the same time close to fragility, making visible the maximum point of delicateness and simultaneously minimal point of stability.

Haese’s artistic contribution lies in giving this idea an aesthetic form—and not only that: his objects exude a poetry and purposelessness that lend them an enigmatic quality that elevates them far beyond the temporally bound nature of the referenced ideas. The exhibition is on view through June 12, 2022.