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Gerhard Richter at Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

Gerhard Richter - War Cut II

The Neue Nationalgalerie presents "100 Works for Berlin" until 2026.

For almost six decades, the artist has been dealing with central questions of painting and representation, bringing various parameters such as color and surface to the fore. The subject and the question vary just as much as the painting tools: Richter uses brushes, squeegees, or palette knives to create his works layer by layer on different painting surfaces – whether as a spontaneous gesture or in calm and clearly delineated areas. Finely painted, smooth areas combine with impasto elements, muted hues are on an equal footing with intense colors. Richter has not only dealt in depth with monochrome as well as multi-colored compositions, but has also focused on the relationship between figuration and abstraction, painting and photography. Moreover, perception has always played an important role in his ongoing artistic discourse.

Immerse yourself in Richter's visual cosmos and take a closer look at our work selection from different decades.


“A picture presents itself as the Unmanageable, the Illogical, the Meaningless. It demonstrates the endless multiplicity of aspects; it takes away our certainty because it deprives a thing of its meaning and its name. It shows us the thing in all the manifold significance and infinite variety that preclude the emergence of any single meaning and view.”- Gerhard Richter, Notes 1964–1965