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Franz Marc: Colourful Greetings to Paul Klee

Franz Marc Gelber Loewe blaues Pferd 1914

An extraordinary example of epistolography is currently on display at the Franz Marc Museum in Kochel am See. In 1913, friends Franz Marc and Paul Klee sent each other self-illustrated postcards from Munich and Sindelsdorf. In 2022, the museum acquired twelve illustrated postcards by Marc, which are now being shown for the first time in the exhibition „Franz Marc: Colourful Greetings to Paul Klee“.

The illustrated correspondence between Franz Marc and Paul Klee fits into the broad context of postcard fashion of the time and makes clear the diversity of their artistic personalities. Klee's deliberately awkward drawings contrast with the perfection of Marc's small „paintings“ on his cards. The collaged or watercoloured postcards are precious little works of art, with get-well wishes, messages or appointments written on the back.

The exhibition is on view through May 29, 2023.