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Erich Heckel - Park Landscape

Erich Heckel - Parklandschaft

Erich Heckel, founding member and protagonist of the artist group 'Brücke' (Bridge), decisively shaped modernism in Germany and Europe through his groundbreaking artistic ideas. The idea of the members of the 'Brücke', to create a link between tradition and the avant-garde and thus enable new perspectives on the essence of art, is vividly illustrated in Heckel's 'Park Landscape' from 1910. In this painting, the artist takes the expressive gesture of his brushstrokes to the limits of figuration, further intensified by the progressive use of colour. However, the bridge to modernism, that Heckel crossed, remains recognisable as a reference to civilisation in the wild thicket of the forest's naturalness.



Erich Heckel - Parklandschaft

Erich Heckel • Park Landscape