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ART FOR NO ONE. 1933 - 1945

Schirn Presse KUNST FUER KEINEN Ausstellungsansicht 1

In ART FOR NO ONE. 1933-1945, the SCHIRN Kunsthalle uses 14 biographies and case studies to show the different strategies and scope of action used by artists who did not seek or find any proximity to the Nazi regime, thus illuminating the diversity of art that existed outside of regime-endorsed artworks.

The exhibition, which features works by Willi Baumeister, Otto Dix, Karl Hofer, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, and Fritz Winter, among others, does not define a uniform stylistic development, but illustrates how apathy, stagnation, and hopelessness were not the only factors that determined art during this period in which the National Socialist regime controlled artistic creation in Germany. ART FOR NO ONE ends on June 6, 2022.