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Pia Fries

24 Jul – 03 Aug 2016

Pia Fries - oxiponton - 2016

About the exhibition

Pia Fries• Oxiponton

On the occasion of this year's Art Weekend Munich, Galerie Thomas Modern presents an exhibition with several new works by Pia Fries titled oxiponton.

For her partly large scale painting, Pia Fries works with oil and screen print on wood. Materiality of colour and the relationship of image to foundation play a superior role in her always non-representational, gestural and expressive works.

It accrues the at least virtual merging into space, a notion of continuity of the dense, relief-like streaks of paint beyond the borders of the plate, which she emphasizes and points out in her diptyches and multi-panelled paintings. This also becomes clear, since Pia Fries calls her compositions of multiple plates 'constellations'. This term holds a temporal, ephemeral component reflecting the aspect of the random and contingent.


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