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Antoni Tàpies

28 Apr – 15 Jul 2023

Antoni Tàpies - Colom

About the exhibition

Celebrating Antoni Tàpies' 100th anniversary in 2023, Galerie Thomas is pleased to present a selection of works from all of his creative periods, thereby offering a profound insight into his oeuvre.
Antoni Tàpies is one of the most important painters of the Informel. At the same time he represented a highly independent position in terms of both form and content. Colours and shapes as images of the visible world meant nothing to him, and the contrast between representational and abstract painting also seemed irrelevant to him. Instead, he understood his art as the direct expression of physical and metaphysical reality that cannot be grasped in any other way. Thus, Antoni Tàpies can be seen as the ‘perfector’ of a philosophical painting tradition of the 20th century avant-garde.


“Painting is a return to origins.” - Antoni Tàpies

  • Antoni Tapies 1
  • Antoni Tapies 5
  • Antoni Tapies 4
  • Antoni Tapies 3
  • Antoni Tapies 2


Antoni Tàpies - Materia sobre tela

Antoni Tàpies•Materia sobre tela

Tapies Ohne Titel 1970 freigestellt 378731 d

Antoni Tàpies•Untitled, 1977

Antoni Tàpies - Colom

Antoni Tàpies•Colom

Antoni Tàpies - Scritture Bianche

Antoni Tàpies•White Writings

Antoni Tàpies - 1 2 3 4

Antoni Tàpies•1,2,3,4


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