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Adolf Luther

19 May – 29 Jul 2017

Adolf Luther - 2017

About the exhibition

Using light as a material and overcoming the conventional forms of artistic representation are the characteristics of the work of Adolf Luther, one of the most important exponents of Op Art, Light Art and Conceptual Art in Germany. In the wake of the ZERO movement, his distinctive mirror objects, sculptures and light installations not only widened the conception of art in the late sixties and early seventies, but completely reinvented it. Adolf Luther’s works, as severe as they are poetical, still exert a special fascination, not least because, through his preoccupation with light, the artist wanted to formulate a new concept of reality and open our eyes to a view beyond the world that can be perceived with the senses.

In its exhibition, Galerie Thomas Modern is presenting not only a number of light and mirror steles, but also one of Adolf Luther’s earliest Laser Rooms, which were ground breaking at the time.


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