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Art Basel Miami Beach 2020

02 Dec – 06 Dec 2020

Online Viewing Room

  • Guenther Foerg - Ohne Titel

For Art Basel Miami Beach’s online viewing room 2020, Galerie Thomas presents a choice of large scale works by important artists. The selection is titled

and includes painting, sculpture and installation. It reflects the fact that even in a setting as the Meridians sector at Art Basel Miami Beach, it is only possible to show one work of oversize dimensions. By contrast, the current virtual presentation allows us to show a whole group of works that require a large space and are overwhelming in their size, in both senses of the word…

With works by Günther Förg, Sam Francis, Fernand Léger, Stephan Balkenhol, Katharina Grosse, Markus Lüpertz, Nam June Paik, Hermann Nitsch, Marc Quinn, Frank Stella, Fabrizio Plessi and Subodh Gupta.


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+49 89 29 000 80
  • Guenther Foerg - Ohne Titel
  • Katharine Grosse - Ohne Titel
  • nach Leger - La grande fleur qui marche


Walk Through Experience 2.0

Silke Thomas and Joerg Paal are introducing highlights of our current exhibition in Munich.

Enjoy the Galerie Thomas 'Walk Trough Experience 2.0' !

Halley Zoom Conversation 2020

The American artist Peter Halley sheds light on the background and inspiration for his work, in conversation with Michelle Cotton, David Moos and Silke Thomas.


  • The Big Picture

    The Big Picture


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  • Thomas 2020




    Masterpieces VIII


  • Autumn 2020

    Autumn 2020

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