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Tony Cragg


stainless steel
230 x 79 x 81 cm / 90 1/2 x 31 x 31 7/8 in.
unique work of a series from three sculptures in different materials

Since his youth, Tony Cragg was interested in nature’s forms and collected fossils and stones. At the beginning of his artistic career, he created flat assemblages of found objects. In the 1980s he turned to three-dimensional sculpture. His collection of fossils and minerals inspires him, but he does not strive to recreate something that already exists. The shapes in nature inspire him to create new forms. He is interested in what Man makes out of nature. His sculptures look different from every viewpoint, the viewer often imagines seeing a profile the artist possibly had not intended. His materials come from nature: bronze, marble, cast iron, steel, glass, or wood. Provenance available

Price on request

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