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Lucio Fontana

Concetto Spaziale, Attesa

waterpaint on canvas
58 x 58 cm / 22 7/8 x 22 7/8 in. (side length each 16 1/8 in
verso signed, titled and inscribed "è venuto a trovarmi Adriana"

Throughout his life as an artist, Fontana tried to overcome boundaries. In his “White Manifesto” of 1946 he pled the case for the renunciation of traditional genres and material, for a liberation of art from its confines. In his group of works called “Tagli” – cuts, which he created between 1958 and 1966, he wanted to break the limitation of the two-dimensional canvas by cutting deep slashes into it. He titled the works Concetto Spaziale – Spacial Concept, adding “Attesa” or the plural “Attese” – Expectations. The artist opened up the canvas to the space behind the work, adding the third dimension and turning it into an object rather than a painting. Although the cuts are the result of an aggressive act, combined with the matte monochrome colours, they seem elegant and well-proportioned.

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