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Joseph Beuys


copper plate, engraved and printed, photograph and DVD, in wooden box
32 x 63,5 cm Kupferplatte; 47,8 x 80,3 x 6,7 cm Holzkassette
on the underside of the box numbered 27/40 on a label edition of 40

On a label in the wooden box printed text: 'Joseph Beuys; Continuity, 1978-1984; "The seven concepts form one unit: for the future of music and antimusic"; Beuys' reproduction of the "concrete score" for the concert in memory of George Maciunas. Beuys and Paik played contiuously until the clock bell rang for the second time. Energy spread out into the room, setting off large vibrations. Volume. The vibrations reached the oral stage. The enlarged production generated new sounds, but not many. The improvisation capacity at lower left ensured complete freedom.' Beuys and Paik were on friendly terms with the founder of Fluxus, George Maciunas, who had died in 1978. In his honour they played a concert on July 7, 1978 in the meeting hall of the Düssedorf Art Academy, where Beuys had performed his first Fluxus performance in 1963, with the same piano. Paik had just become a professor for video art in Düsseldorf, where he had performed his first music action "Hommage à John Cage" at Galerie 22 in 1959. Maciunas had died at the age of 47, the concert was 74 minutes long. In the background a blackboard was placed on which Beuys put down the acoustic principles like a score before the action began. It includes the terms "Continuum", E(nergy)feld", "vol", "oral", "erweiterte Produktion", "improv. cap." and an amplitude line. The blackboard was later reproduced for the multiple.

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