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Hiroyuki Masuyama

Felsental (Das Grab des Arminius), 1913/14

LED lightbox
49,5 x 70,5 x 4 cm / 19 1/2 x 27 3/4 x 1 1/2 in.
verso signed and dated and numbered 3/5 edition of 5

Masuyama, who also recreated works by J. M. William Turner and Dutch old masters, brings historical, major art works back into our focus using modern techniques, and impressively demonstrates the artistic possibilities of modern photography. In a time in which the influence of Man causes the destruction of nature, Masuyama shows us its beauty, just as Caspar David Friedrich did 200 years earlier. But his backlit pictures are not mere photographic reproductions of paintings by Friedrich, but conceptual interpretations. Friedrich created numerous sketches while travelling or hiking. Masuyama followed these travels and instead of the preparatory sketches, which Friedrich created and later used for single elements in his paintings, Masuyama took hundreds of photographs and assembled the pictures from these.

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