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Franz Erhard Walther

Die Formen sind im Kopf

textile object, folded
Stoffobjekt 80 x 63 x 2 cm, Holzbox 86 x 71 x 4 cm / textil
textile object, folded, colour variant dark olive, 1 construction drawing, a handwritten certificate and a 10-colour screenprint in a wooden box edition of 40

When the artist married Johanna Friesz, a tailor's daughter, in 1963, it had a profound impact on his artistic work. In the workshop of his parents in law, he saw cotton fabrics, muslin inlays and padded linings, which he immediately recognized as a new material for his works. But though this object, as most of Walther's work, invites touching, the later work groups are predominantly made for contemplation, an understanding of art the artist left behind more than forty years ago. Thus, in his late oeuvre, he has returned to the picture.

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