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Rebecca Horn

Gesang des Lichts

metal basin, copper, light projector, electronic, motor, water, metal construction
Größe variabel / dimensions variable

Viewers first of all experience a sense of liberation from all previous dreams and obsessions as they stand in absolute silence before the black water basin of “Gesang des Lichts” ("Chant of Light"). At long intervals, a metal rod – a snake – pierces the smooth surface of the water. Stillness is followed by urgent motion, then stillness resumes. The snake is directed energy: it sets the water in motion. Rings of light run along the adjacent wall and gradually dissipate in luminescent waves, before the water surface closes up again and becomes the motionless black moon mirror. The work has precursors in the installations “Spiegel der Nacht” ("Mirror of the Night") at the former synagogue in Stommeln (1998) and “Heartshadows for Pessoa, Cinéma Vérité” (2005) in Belém near Lisbon, and with this poetic and conciliatory installation the theme has come full circle.

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