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Joseph Beuys

Laßt Blumen sprechen (Let flowers speak)

violet blossom mounted on paper, blue and red ink
20,8 x 29 cm / 8 1/8 x 11 3/8 in.
signed and titled

In Beuys' opinion, man was a part of the cosmos, with the animals, plants and minerals as his brothers and sisters. He was therefore active - even in politics - in the protection of the environment. In the present work, the title "Let flowers speak" refers to the old tradition of the language of flowers, which was very popular in 18th and 19th century Europe. Each flower has a certain meaning, the violet being a symbol of virginity, humbleness, modesty, decency, paradise, spring, and hope, constancy and love. In the year he created this collage, Beuys visited the USA for the first time. He collected Domino sugar packets featuring North American wild flowers, and the violets again interested him most. When he returned home, he mounted the sugar packets on postcards, and as in this first collage, wrote "Laßt Blumen sprechen" next to them. Provenance available

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