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Tom Wesselmann

From Nude Painting Print (Gray)

enamel on laser-cut steel
88,9 x 99,1 cm / 35 x 39 in.
verso signed, dated and titled

Wesselmann became known in the 1960s with his "Great American Nude" series. The undressed female body remained a recurring motif in his work. He developed it further in his "Bedroom Paintings" and began to concentrate on details such as hands, feet and breasts, surrounding them with flowers and objects. In a further step he reduced the scene to a few outlines and brought it into the foreground. The cut-out works began with Wesselmann's original idea to preserve the process and immediacy of his drawings, including the false lines or errors, and to transfer them to steel. He called them 'steel drawings'. The main motifs of these works are the same that preoccupied him since the 1950s - nudes, still lifes and landscapes. However, from the beginning he was mainly interested in the form and presentation of the image, which caused a constant change and development in his work. With his works in cut-out steel, Tom Wesselmann has made a great contribution to intensifying the image by way of the form.

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