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Luc Tuymans


oil on canvas
44,5 x 53,5 cm / 17 1/2 x 21 in.
verso signed

“Insomnia”, which attempts to convey a state in which the mind and the body are deprived of rest and reprieve from the busy world, has a special place in Tuymans’ oeuvre. It was included in important exhibitions at Kunsthalle Bern (1992), Museum Haus Lange Krefeld (1993), Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf (2004), Tate Modern London (2004) and in a travelling exhibition 2010/11 in Columbus, San Francisco, Chicago and Paris. The artist says about the work: „Insomnia goes back to stains which I saw on an uneven ground, on the floor, and one of these stains had another stain underneath, was hiding it. That gave me the idea of a spatiality as between being awake and dreaming, the idea of insomnia, the idea of a state, in which the body has become insensible, in which all matter loses its concreteness and floats in space as in the state of weightlessness. The space opens downwards; the objects have lost their whole surroundings. One can imagine a mirror, where the objective is reflected in the non-objective. The picture deceives the viewer. He hast he possibility of entering his space, and in doing it, to imagine a movement whose significance is himself. Quote translated from: Kunsthalle Bern, exhibition catalogue Luc Tuymans, 1992, p. 27

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