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George Segal

Woman sitting on Bed

copper, bronze, wood, plexi, electric light
54 x 41 x 65 cm / 21 x 16 x 25 1/2 inch.
with signature on short wall below, dated and numbered 19/30 edition of 30 15 white patina 15 black patina

Segal is among the most important American sculptors of his generation. The pictorial language he developed, placing human figures, cast or moulded in plaster, often life sized but without individualization, in a room, conveys his artistic commentary on human questions of the mental state of the individual in the masses, the anonymity and the mysterious fact of existence. The artist hides his quiet, almost melancholy social criticism in the de-personalized ordinariness and universality of his figures and the contradictory aesthetic of representation and abstraction. His increasing interest in the relation of space and light led Segal to combine his figures with real everyday objects ot to place them in fragmentary room situations. He thus contributed greatly to making the environment an important innovation in post war sculpture.

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