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Norbert Kricke

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chromed steel
um 1976
40,5 x 46 x 18,5 cm / 16 x 18 1/8 x 7 1/4 in.
marked with one point = No. 1 unique work from a series of 4

After the first figural sculptures, Kricke found his ideal artistic language in filigree, flexible forms of metal. From 1950 on he created the first abstract structures, which he called "Raumplastiken" (space sculptures). They consist of thin lines of steel, which seem to move through the room. Kricke aimed to illustrate the unity of space and time with the suggested movement of his sculptures. The present work is such a handmade space sculpture, which dynamically crosses space. According to Kricke, in relation to sculpture, space always signifies freedom. This freedom should be perceptible when contemplating his sculptures, and transfer itself to the viewer. From the first abstract sculptures of the early 1950s to his death, Norbert Kricke stayed true to the line as his means of artistic expression.

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