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Franz Radziwill

Stilleben mit rotem Tisch und Pfeife

oil on canvas, on wood
80,5 x 85,5 cm / 31 5/8 x 33 5/8 in.
monogrammed lower right

The present still life is an early work by Radziwill, still influenced by the „Brücke“ (Bridge) group’s expressionism. The bright colours and the easy and temperamental brushstroke do not yet have the severe coolness of New Objectivity. In 1920 Radziwill had drafted a manifesto, which was directed against the „mechanic, unspiritual mannerism“. Significantly, he named it „Ufer“ (Shore) and wrote: „We want to continue to build on what the Brücke left us“. The objects on the table seem to be floating above the orange-red plane – the artists left their outline, and the edge of the table, as a thin white line. In the centre of the foreground the artist placed a large dark vase with high grasses and flowers as a repoussoir to direct the viewer’s eye into the depth of the picture. However, it is not clear whether the street winding through a square tunnel on the right, or the landscape with an expanse of water and a black tower on the left are real views or paintings placed behind the table, making them painted props. Thus the artist is already playing with the viewer’s perception.

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