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Gerhard Marcks

Small Runner at the Finish

1972 / lifetime cast 1979
28,5 x 12 x 7 cm
with signum, numbered 2/10 and with foundry stamp 'Guss Barth Rinteln' edition of 10

The main theme of Gerhard Marcks' is the human - with all his small and large worries, joys and suffering. His sculptures express a deep understanding of and interest in Man. The dictum of post-war art to create only in the abstract is refuted by his figures: "The main thing is not to be contemporary, nor to baffle others with originality. Sculpture is a matter of weight and proportion, form wrung from chaos. There is nothing "new" there. ...Art is not meant to divert, but to concentrate. That does not thrive in the mass. That is why its disciple must remain solitary, as much as his love belongs to the world around him." Here the artist captured exactly the moment when the runner, having reached the finishing line, is tearing the finishing tape. Her head is thrown back, it shows exhaustion as well as the triumph of winning. Provenance available

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