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Max Ernst


oil on cardboard on canvas
24,8 x 34,9 cm / 9 5/8 x 13 3/4 in.
signed center right

From 1925 on Ernst created a group of work which feature the sun going down behind the sea. They are the result of a difficult situation in his life. Since 1922 Ernst had been living with Paul Eluard and his wife Gala in a ménage a trois. After one and a half years, Eluard was unhappy with the situation, he drank and lost a great amount of money gambling. In April 1924 his father asked him to take 17,000 Francs to the bank. Eluard travelled to Monaco instead, from where he wrote to his parents, then boarded a ship to Singapore. While on the ship, he wrote to Max and Gala, asking them to join him. On August 11, the Eluards and Ernst arrived together from Singapore in Saigon on the SS Paul Lecat. Gala and Paul Eluard returned to Paris on the SS Angkor on August 23, while Ernst continued on alone. He visited Angkor Wat and the indigenous Moi people. On Sunday, September 13, 1924 Max Ernst boarded the SS Affon in Saigon. It was a memorable journey, the last of the ship, which had been built in Italy in 1901, was now sailing under a Russian flag, and was bound for the scrap yard. It was not before October 11 that Ernst disembarked in Marseille. He moved out of the house in Eaubonne, where he had been living with Gala and Paul Eluard, rented a studio in Rue Tourlaque on Montmartre, and began to paint feverishly. In numerous paintings throughout the following years he painted his impressions of the sea journey.

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