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Franz Marc

Lion Hunt after Delacroix

woodcut on laid paper
25 x 27,2 cm / 9 7/8 x 10 3/4 in.
numbered 26/30 with blind stamp of the estate trustee Otto Stangl - handprinted from the orignial wood stock in an edition of 30 + 2

The lines and dynamism were what interested Marc in the vibrating swirl of colours in the Delacroix painting. It seems surprising that he put aside the decided colourist Delacroix and emphasized the expressiveness of the lines via the medium of the woodcut. However, it is consistent with the development of Marc's oeuvre. The compositions, which gradually shift from the representational to the abstract can be explained by the search for the essence of nature: the vitality and spiritual energy, which become manifest in all animate beings. By focussing on the contours and lines of movement of the painting's dramatic action in the woodcut, he virtually created a diagram of its active forces. The portfolio with woodcuts was published in 1984 by the administrator of Franz Marc's estate, Otto Stangl in Munich. Each of the folios was printed by hand and from the original wood blocks from 1911 to 1914, by Gerhard Köhler, Baden-Baden.

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