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Johannes Itten

Süderen-Linden (CH) 1888 - 1967 Zurich

Johannes Itten, who first trained to be a teacher and taught mathematics, physics and chemistry, was a brilliant educator. After for several years, he attended the Geneva Art School, then the Art Academy Stuttgart, where Adolf Hölzel influenced him. Itten began to study colour theory and in 1916 opened his own art school in Vienna. When the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar, he was called as a teacher, initiated the prelinimary class and fundamentally reformed art teaching. After leaving the, he founded an art school in Berlin. In 1938 he became director of the School of Applied Arts Zurich, and 1952-56 he was founding director of the Museum Rietberg. Itten played an important role at the Bauhaus, and his book ‘The Elements of Color’ became a standard work for artists and graphic designers.

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