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Hermann Hesse

Calw 1877 - 1962 Montagnola, Switzerland

Hermann Hesse, who at that time was already a well-known writer, in 1916, to get over an existential crisis, began painting small watercolours, with which he illustrated his poems. Later, during hard times, they would provide a small income. The first exhibition of watercolours by Hesse was presented at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1920. Not much later he published the portfolio ‘Elf Aquarelle aus dem Tessin’ (Eleven watercolours from the Ticino). In 1926 there was an exhibition with 50 watercolours presented in Berlin and another with 100 in Dresden. 1957, on the occasion of Hermann Hesse’s 80th birthday, an exhibition of his watercolours was mounted a the Schiller-Nationalmuseum in Marbach. Hesse created an impressive oeuvre of approximately 3000 watercolours, which, in bright colours, demonstrate his love of nature and convey the beauty of the Ticino. After his death exhibitions of his watercolours were shown all over the world, in Japan, France, the USA, Canada, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany.

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